Rainy Day Play

What parent has not fielded the woeful refrain of the un-entertained child "I'm boooooooooored!!!!" 

It's raining here today. Our teen is home with a bad cold, the baby is finally sleeping without me (nursing moms will understand what I mean by this...), and our poor darling preschooler, who has had less than desired amounts of one-on-one time with her Mama lately, just announced that she is bored. 

Well, have I got some fun lined up for HER! As luck would have it, I just happen to have some less than perfect mini pumpkins and some pine cones kicking around. (What? You don't collect pine cones for a rainy day? LOL!)

We raided the craft cabinet, and pulled out those fancy shmancy new paintbrushes I just got at the Dollar Store last week.
This kid's face lit up like a Christmas tree! She was so excited, I barely had time to lay everything out for her.
The fun part is showing her that yes, she IS allowed to paint those pumpkins and pine cones. And since we're set up on her art table, well, go ahead darling, make a mess all you want! I wish you could hear her giggle right now, ha! ha! She sounds like one of those evil scientists in a scary movie!

She's so cautious, trying to keep her mess to a minimum.

Oh look! I had some branches kicking around too, so lets add some colour to them.

What are your favourite rainy day activities to do with your littles?

TTFN Darlings


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