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I thought I'd share a little Life Lately post, now that everyone in the house seems to be over the scourge that plagued us for the last 3 months. Honestly, it felt like we'd just be getting over one thing, that one of us would fall ill with another sinus infection, stomach virus, or flu-like symptoms. 
I'm so happy the warm weather is just around the corner, just so we can finally stop being sick, even if I know this also means ALLERGIES!!! LOL! * I just can't win* ;)

We had one last good snowfall last Friday, and I decided to keep the girls at home for a snow day. Surprise, surprise, nobody complained. I always love that one last snow fall, the warmer temperatures make the snow heavy, and it just seems to blanket everything so beautifully, which makes for some fabulous photo opportunities. 


Darling and I are so excited to finally get started on garden planning. We will have to hurry up and start our seeds this weekend, but we did plant garlic for the first time last fall, and it's started peeking out already. We definitely look forward to eating homegrown garlic, and growing our patch every year. I'd welcome any tips on successful garlic growing for sure! 

This year, we will have our usual plants: Roma Tomatoes, Lemon Boys (yellow tomatoes), Seedless Cucumbers, Zucchini, as well as our go-to herbs of Rosemary, Basil (sweet, Italian, and Purple Thai, Sage, Thyme (regular and lemon), Tarragon, Winter Savory, Marjoram, and Oregano. But we'd like to start expanding, and are looking into building a few raised beds for lettuce, kale, carrots, and parsnip. Maybe even peas and squash. Heck, if it were up to me, I'd grow all over our property, front lawn, back lawn, boulevard, planter boxes. WHO NEEDS GRASS?

The littles are growing so fast, I feel like if I blink, I'll miss a stage. This little guy is already running all over the place, and is living up to his nickname of Bam-Bam. If something can be climbed, pushed over, emptied, broken, climbed, hidden in, destroyed, spilled, well, you get the picture. I have never, ever had such a busy baby, he is into absolutely everything! Honestly, I can't remember the last time I finished a hot cup of coffee! Ha! Ha! Ha! 
Oh but he is SUCH a sweetheart! He loves nothing more than to cuddle in bed with me first thing in the morning, and loves being picked up and carried everywhere. I love the dynamic between him and his big sister Didi. She is so lovely with him, and so very helpful with us. She's a total little mother hen with him, but absolutely has her 'Middle Child' moments when she feels like she's not getting enough attention.

We are finally going to get started on some much needed renovations in our house, and had a celebratory dinner last week, to talk about all of our plans, and all the things our beautiful home needs to operate optimally. And something Mama's been waiting for for a long time: I deep soaker tub to relax my old bones in ;)

We're not really into dragging all the kiddos out with us, so we tend to order in. We got everyone's favourites from Mandarin, and got to enjoy it in the comfort of our own home. Having our children at such different stages in their lives means we don't always get to have a sit-down meal, and to enjoy each other's company. Add to that the fact that Darling's workdays often blur into the evenings, and this becomes a rarity. We were so happy to all be sitting together, chatting, laughing, that I just had to get a photo of us all. (Thank you iPhone camera timer! LOL!)

We've been pretty much over winter for the last few months ;), and I've been bringing nature indoors any way I can. Last week, our grocery store must have received a bigger order of fresh cut flowers, because all of their bouquets were on sale. Who am I not to take advantage of such a deal? I splurged, and got three bundles of beautiful tulips (at $5 a bunch!). I got home, selected one of my many (mmmmaaannnnyyyyy) vases, and got to work getting them ready, by chopping them to the desired length, dropping a penny in the water, and just let them fall where they may. No muss, no fuss! I don't know about you, but fresh flowers always put a smile on my face. 

* Had to sneak a shot in of our big girl, who was making one of her rare appearances outside the confines of her bedroom walls.

Morning school drop offs have been getting warmer, and a lot more comfortable without having to bundle ourselves up in layers and layers of clothing. The sidewalks have become easier to maneuver with the stroller as well, since the snow has gone - most of our neighbours aren't too fond of shoveling for pedestrians... 

A few little Monkey Faces (wild violets) have popped up on the boulevard, and Didi has a blast picking herself tiny bouquets to give her teachers. 
And what an active little bug she is, most mornings, I can barely keep up, as she'll skip all the way to school. Which amazes me to no end, as any time we have to walk somewhere, her legs get so tired, but boy oh boy, when she wants to skip and run, good luck catching up! 

Sweet little man, he so enjoys watching all the kids running and jumping, and playing ball. He'd be so happy if I'd just let him out of his stroller, but alas, I just can't bring myself to release him amidst the chaos of the jumble of children. I've witnessed too many accidents amongst them, and know all too well how underfoot he can get, and how little kids simply don't have the wherewithal to keep an eye out for him.

A little moody nature shot. The sidewalks and pathways are littered with nature's tiny refuse after a good thunder storm. Which helped melt the rest of the snow: YAY!

Little Man Man hanging in his ride

I sure hope you are all having a wonderful start to Spring.

TTFN Dolls!


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