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Darling and I recently discovered Organics Live, a company that works with farmers who grow organic produce. You determine what size box your family needs, have the liberty to customize it as you wish, and once a week, they deliver a box of fresh goodness right at your doorstep.
Honestly, best decision ever!
Our family is quite used to living without a vehicle, making due when running errands, but it has been an honest challenge since our little man's arrival. 
It's one thing in the summer, when our oldest can help, and the littles are in the stroller, but I quickly realized that this would be near impossible during the quickly approaching winter months. 

So I've been looking for ways to save both time, and money. And when we discovered this service, we couldn't wait to try them out.
Once a week, I get a reminder email to customize our box. I go online, look through the list, make changes if needed, and away we go! All from the comfort of my living room! Not too shabby if you ask me... 

Our first box, customized to our liking.

Here were the contents of our large box.
Now, in all sincerity, I can tell you that this is not enough for our family. Specifically the fruit content - as you can see, little hands were already reaching for the mini melon ;)
 Between my husband, our daughters, and myself, the apples were gone on the first day. But the vegetables were plentiful, and we still have some left over the second week. 

I thought I'd share some quick and easy meals I put together with this lovely produce. For today's post, I made a quick lunch, sauté vegetable frittata. 

Chop! Chop! I put my trusty Breville All-In-One food processor. I swear I use that thing daily. 
Shredded sweet potatoes, chopped baby spinach, sliced cremini mushrooms,  and I threw in some garlic in there just for good measure. 
Preheat your oven at 350C

You'll want an all metal pan for this. Sweet potatoes are tricky to sauté, they hold so much moisture, they must be cooked quickly, over high heat. But once browned, add your mushrooms, sauté a bit longer, then add spinach til wilted. I had some lovely ham left over, so I cubed it, and tossed it in there as well. Add crushed garlic, salt & pepper to taste, stir well, and spread evenly on the pan, then add your whisked eggs (I used 8, which comes to 2 eggs per person)

Spreading the sautéed ingredients evenly just a bit up the sides helps create a sort of crust for your egg. 
Just pop it all in the preheated oven for 15 minutes, then add a little shredded cheese in you like, and pop it back in for about 5-6 minutes, until it's all melted. Havarti was a delicious choice this time :)

It was so delicious, everyone had seconds! The flavours blended so well, even our finicky teen forgot to pick the mushrooms out! 

I already look forward to our next box!

TTFN Darlings!


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